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Let's face it sweaty smelly feet are a real pain.

  • Soggy
  • Stinky
  • Smelly

Often covered in Athletes foot fungus, itchy blisters, warts and infections. They are embarrassing! Smelly Feet seriously affect your relationships, homelife, social life and even ruin work and business opportunities. You get stressed and that makes your condition even worse .... and so it continues. It's certainley no joke.

Bromodosis, the medical term for stinky feet, is unpleasant for you and everyone around you.

Why do feet smell?

What are the commonest reasons why feet smell?

  • Wearing the wrong footwear
  • Wearing the same sweaty soggy footwear every day
  • Storing your festering footwear in warm dark cupboards
  • Covering up the symptoms rather than treating the cause

Bacteria and fungi break down that sweat in the warm moist darkness and as a by-product produce that humm. The next day you put your feet back in the decomposing sweat and add more food to this smelly soup. They get smellier, your feet sweat. You cannot relax because of the smell and get more tense so you sweat more, and so the circle continues.

Time to break the circle and put you back in control.

Are your smelly feet running or even ruining your life?

Don't panic! This site is here to help

  • Ten tried and tested Action Points to cure smally feet.
  • Effective herbal home remedies will give you the power to control not just the condition but the causes.
  • Ways to change your lifestyle and diet to give you back the power to help control smelly sweaty feet.
  • Relaxation tips to overcome anxiety and stress.

Lets work together and show your feet who's boss.

Smelly feet often are related to other conditions like stress and hormonal changes that do not just require a quick fix or superficial cover up.

Remember your feet are wonderful lifestyle compasses. Are your feet simply indicating to you a real need for a lifestyle change? Don't accept your condition!

This site is full of tried and tested ways to help you.

A number of health conditions can also increase the chance for smelly feet, such as excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), stress, thyroid problems, hormonal changes and the use of some drugs. If you exhaust all options without success then click the Technical Solution. It will point you towards medical professionals and additional treatments.

Lifestyle Factors

Now it's not all bad news - you really have found a site that shows you how to sort this problem once and for all. Your foot condition can be created or at least made much worse by many factors that you may not have even considered.

  • Diet
  • Weight
  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Not implementing an effective treatment stratergy

What Next?

Just think you soon will have dry, healthy pleasant smelling feet

This site addresses the causes not just the condition. So you can really sort out your problem completely as long as you follow all The Ten Top Tips to prevent smelly feet.